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Actor | Writer | Producer

Christian Keyes was born in Detroit, and grew up in Flint, Mi as a foster child in and out of fifteen foster homes and group facilities. As a humble, hardworking and driven young man he got his start in modeling, then theater and was soon on national touring stages with Tyler Perry who labeled him as “One of the most consistent male actors I’ve worked with”.


Keyes has performed in more than 40 stage productions and more than 1,200 theatrical shows live in front of more than 4 million people while touring the country with several national stage plays and musicals. As a leading man or supporting role, he captures audiences with his acting prowess.


Keyes has been writing since age 12 and has a national publishing deal. His first novel LADIES NIGHT came out in 2015 and made the top ten best-seller list on iTunes for urban books. DR. FEEL GOOD, his second novel came out Feb. 2017.


His writing has translated from the page to screen on numerous occasions including NOTE TO SELF (Netflix). He has also created and sold his first scripted TV show, ALL THE QUEENS MEN, based on his first novel LADIES NIGHT, now it its third season. The show was optioned and purchased by Tyler Perry Studios and can be seen on BET PLUS. Wearing multiple hats, he is writer, actor and executive producer alongside Tyler Perry.


Christian has also starred in ALL RISE (OWN) and recently in IN CONTEMPT, a hot legal drama on BET. He has also heavily recurred recently on 911 on Fox, THE ROOKIE on ABC, SUPERNATURAL and LEGENDS OF TOMORROW on the CW network, as well as recurring on season one and season three of THE BOYS on Amazon Prime. He is one of the lead characters on SAINTS AND SINNERS, on Bounce Network and Carl Weber’s THE FAMILY BUSINESS on BET.


A relentless Creative, Christian is also a singer/songwriter who’s brand new single Under That Veil has already become an R&B hit. His newly released video of the same name was created and produced by him and available on Youtube.


Though overcoming his own rough childhood, Christian is the proud father of a teenage son who he has nurtured and raised to be an upstanding young man. He is an advocate for kids in perilous situations like foster care and juvenile facilities and lends his voice and time to uplifting them.


Christian Keyes is creative career journey is a testament to his talent, hard work, and determination and he’s not letting off the gas anytime soon.

Author | Coach | Host | Leader | Teacher

Dr. Joel is on a mission to develop and cultivate leaders. He combines his knowledge of the worlds of communication and innovation with his experience in leadership to promote teams and ideas. As a Doctor of Leadership, he works to spearhead and expand teams, create meaningful content, encourage others to become their best selves, and create new growth opportunities.

Dr. Joel is a mental health advocate that tours the country on a mission to heal men. He uses communication to design programs that build consistency, power, and strength in individuals seeking to excel in preparation, recovery, regeneration, and resiliency.

Dr. Joel’s ability to adapt his communication style in secular and sacred spaces has allowed him to bridge the gap between multiple generations, making him a fertile communicator.

His unique approach elicits honest and heartfelt responses from his audience while helping them connect with their Most Pivotal Self.   

Dr. Tudman will be signing his latest book, "Listen, Learn, Love and Speak:  A Guide to Communicating Openly" after his presentation during I'll Make Me a World in Iowa Celebration Day.  Copies can be purchased on site.  

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