Application Due February 18, 2022

Honorees Recognized During Celebration Day 


I’ll Make Me a World in Iowa (IMMAWII) wishes to recognize Iowans whose creative and civic activities in African American life and culture in Iowa have contributed to making the world and the state a better place for all.  Award winners will be selected in three categories by an awards committee coordinated by the IMMAWII Advisory Board based on the following criteria:


Nomination categories:

Organization, company or group

African American Individual

Evelyn K. Davis Youth Award (25 years or under as of February 26, 2022)


  1. Resume/biography of nominee or last annual report (for organization/group).

  2. Evidence of nominee’s impact on the vitality of African American life and culture in Iowa. Include up to a 500 narrative.  

  3. Support documentation such as copies of electronic and/or print media and marketing/promotional materials supporting nominee’s activities.  Please also provide a photo of the nominee.

  4. Up to three letters of recommendation and support, including contact information for letter writers.

  5. Nomination application and support documentation must be delivered, submitted online or postmarked by February 18, 2022.  

  6. Applications are reviewed for two years, so if an application was submitted last year, there is no need to re-submit.  Any additional supporting materials that have become relevant over the past year can be submitted for consideration with the original application.

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